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Perfect hydro facial microdermabrasion with AHA & BHA Solution.

What’s Aqua ELLA ?
Hydration  2 in 1 peeling system
Apply AHA & BHA solutions into skin &  Extract the wastes out by vortex tips.
– Remove Blackheads, sebum and old keratin with AHA & BHA solutions in powerful suction, cleansing clogged pores.
– Helpful to decrease demodex folliculorum
– Infuse key ingredients to deep skin for hydration & nutrition.

AQUA ELLA effects
1. Exfoliation & Hydration at once
Cleansing + Removing black & white head + providing moistures
Perfect exfoliation with less dryness and smooth skin texture after exfoliation

2. Safe skin care system
Adjust suction levels on customer skin condition.
No irritation & no Pain.

3. Skin rejuvenation & reduce acne
Remove sebum and impurites, demotext, so less causing skin troubles & acne
Control sebum secretion and balance skin oil & water level, so less aging process

4. Lymphatic massage & Circulation (Detoxification)
Give the treatment with lymphatic flow stimulation, so detoxification & skin tone improvement

AQUA ELLA Features- Solution points
AHA & BHA solution – 2 Steps
Solution A – AHA  9 %
Water solubility peeling, Care surface of the skin, Remove dead skin cell.
Solution B – BHA  0.3%
fat solubility peeling, remove sebum in the pore