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Point HIFU

HIFU lifting system uses a new advanced techniques of High-intensity focused ultrasound

for the design of this instrument. HIFU make it possible that non surgical type cosmetic winkle
rem.val instead of the traditional facelifting.peration. The device will release a highly
concentrated focus of ultrasonic energy, and deliver into the deep skin and cause thermal
cagulation t SMAS (Supe ficial Muscula Aponeurotic System) , High heat is condensed in the
appropriate location, to stimulate the skin deep dermal tissue, produce more collagen. It can
provide the skin tightening and rejuvenation happens gradually with the time so that the skin
bee mes m re compact.



1.Using a non-invasive technique to replace the traditional operation to pull the skin.
2.Tighten the l ose skin, improve sagging and ther aging phenomenon.
3.Using the special transmitter penetrating conduct the high intensity focused ultrasound to
SMAS layer from the surface of skin.
4.Generate Multiple 65℃ to 70℃ above high thermal energy in the skin layer specified
target in the moment. come into the “curing” region. The focus of cells were solidified,
and ablation, the SMAS was ascend rapidly and achieve the effect of cosmetic wrinkle
5.Non-invasive, no post perative rest time, HIFU transmitter anti-aging d n’t need injection,
no surgery, no trace of wrinkles removal,skin rejuvenation.
6.Be suitable f any aged people, both female and male.
7.Eqipped with a variety of transmitters for different skin levels. This transmitte can conduct
the High intensity focused ultrasound to each layer of the skin.
8.Proprietary high-speed transmissi ntechnology can be obtained 0.1 to 0.25.
9.Up to 5000 to 10000 lines laye ed high precision transmitter that it is three times as the
similar inst umen greatly improving the cost effectiveness.
1O.The sole research stability 4 to 1OMHZ broadband output technol gy can work in with
a layered skin treatment technology well.