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What is UltraDuo?

“Beauty equipment using Multiple-Frequency Modulated Ultrasound Radiated To Improve Skin”

High-intensity ultrasonic waves of different wavelengths are applied to the skin and improve the skin to subcutanelus fat. Ultra Duo controls MMPs that induce collagen destruction and HSP and GAG that promote skin regeneration and moisture content.

The existing LDM-MED is a medical ultrasound device that combines two different frequencies and 10MHz technology. The new LDM Triple is a medical ultrasound device that combines three different frequencies and 19MHz technology.

The lower the wavelength of ultrasound, the deeper the depth of energy penetration, and the higher the wavelength, the shallower the depth of penetration. Due to this principle, the higher the wavelength of ultrasound, the more energy is concentrated on the epidermal layer, the dermal layer, and the skin fat tissue, which are in the aging process or pathological changes of the skin.


Benefit of UltraDuo

  • Quick recovery
  • Skin and fatigue recovery at once
  • Moisturizing and regeneration care